Parent Workshop: Talking to Your Kids About Sex, Porn & Healthy Relationships

In an age where teens and tweens have easy access to information about sex through the internet, pop culture, and pornography, it's that much more important for them to develop the tools they need to navigate the images and narratives they may encounter, intentionally or unintentionally, online. Without parental input and conversations about ethics, decision making, and sex, these other sources become the de facto sex education for today's youth.

Media & Porn Literacy

Whether it’s a matter of listening to music or surfing the internet, pre-teens and teens are spending a lot of their time in the media landscape. This means they’re getting a lot of their ideas or “stories” about gender, power, sex, communication and intimacy from media and/or porn. In this popular workshop, students learn critical tools to examine the messages they’re getting about gender and sex and begin the process of creating a new foundation for understanding what healthy and just relationships can look like.


This workshop is taught in an age-appropriate way to middle and high school students (from 5th grade to 12th grade). 

Our time-tested Consent and Healthy Relationships Assembly is a theatrical performance of carefully curated stories based on high school students’ real accounts of sexual violence. The assembly fosters empathy and critical thinking by offering school audiences a variety of perspectives from students who have navigated consent—from victim to perpetrator to bystander. The assembly promotes a culture of inclusion by exploring various kinds of relationships and inspires students to embrace the values of affirmative consent and healthy relationships.


The Language and Practice of Consent

Learning about consent is foundational to healthy friendships and healthy relationships. In this series, students learn key concepts related to consent and have opportunities to map consent to everyday situations. Once students have an understanding of consent, they are given opportunities to practice consent—whether that’s reading verbal and nonverbal cues or expressing preferences and boundaries. In this interactive, fun, and vital workshop, students break down barriers between self and others and step into direct and honest communication. *For older students, this class includes discussions that cultivate ethical considerations when it comes to consent. Topics include drinking and sexual behavior, sexting, and decision making.

Healthy Friendships & Healthy Relationships

Though many students don’t start dating in middle school—or even high school—they may begin to have questions about dating, relationships, and the changing (and sometimes hurtful and bewildering) nature of friendships. Whether they’re aware of it or not, they’re also in the midst of developing ideas, belief systems, and practices when it comes to handling conflict, asserting/respecting boundaries, and navigating strong feelings. Using values clarification exercises, role-playing, and more, this three-part workshop supports students in actively building resilience and muscle memory so that they can communicate to others, navigate their friendships/relationships, and make decisions based on ethics and personal values. 


Along with the workshops described above, Natasha also offers customized workshops, classes and presentations to meet your needs--whether you’re a school, group of parents, or a class of teens/pre-teens. These workshops can take place in a community center, a living room, a classroom, or at a school assembly.  Previous customized workshops and talks have included topics ranging from How to Talk With Your Kids About Porn and Sex; Body Image, Gender and Sexuality, Healthy Relationships, Sexting and Sexual Harassment, Decolonizing Sexuality, Safety and Accountability, Digital Ethics, Sex Trafficking, and How to Have Courageous Conversations About Race and Social Justice.